Stallion Donation (Stallion Owner/ Lessee)

  1. Purebred Arabian, Half-Arabian, Anglo Arabian, or non-Arabian stallions with the following qualifications may be donated to the program:
  2. a) All Arabian US/Canadian/Youth/Sport Horse National Champion, Reserve Champion or Top Ten, or

    b) All Arabian Regional Champion, Reserve Champion or Top Five, or

    c) All Arabian Class A Champion or Reserve Champion, or

    d) Open rated USEF/USDF class win, Champion or Reserve Champion, or

    e) USEA approved Event Champion, Reserve Champion, or class win, or

    f) Arabian Racing Darley Nominee or Winner, a Stakes Winner, received “Horse of the Year”, has lifetime earnings of $5,000 plus, or

    g) Parimutual racing win, or

    h) Endurance National/Regional Top Ten in point accumulation, achieved 2,500 career miles, a winner of a 100 mile competition, received the “Jim Jones Top Stallion” or similar Award, or

    i) Have sired progeny with the above qualifications, or

    j) Achieved the International equivalent of the above qualifications or hold an approved status at the highest level in an international warmblood stud book.
  3. First time nomination of a stallion may be accepted through 30 April. Stallions will AUTOMATICALLY be re-enrolled each year unless notified IN WRITING by stallion owner. If the stallion is leased a copy of the lease agreement must be mailed/faxed/emailed to the Payback administrator at time of donation.

  4. All progeny of donated stallions registered with AHA/CAHR/CPAR will be eligible to win Payback Prize Money in designated classes at SHNs. If a stallion is removed from the program, all subsequent foals born will be ineligible for Prize Money.

  5. All progeny of any breed sired by donated stallions currently active may participate in the Young Horse Futurity program of SHN Payback. See Futurity Rules for more information.

Stallion Breeding Purchase (Mare Owner/Lessee)
  1. Stallion breeding purchase will commence in autumn prior to the next participation year and will close 31 July of the participation year. (Example: commence 1 September, 2011, and close 31 July, 2012, for payout at the 2012 SHNs.) Purchase will be first come, first serve (the first form of payment to reach the Payback administrator).

  2. The breeding is purchased from the list of available stallions for half (50%) of the advertised breeding fee. The list and breeding purchase agreement can be found on the Payback website: The agreement may be downloaded or requested from Payback administration. If the mare is leased a copy of the lease agreement must accompany the purchase agreement. Payment may be made by personal check, echeck, credit card (through PayPal) certified funds, payable to SHN Payback, or cash. The fully completed purchase agreement, along with payment in full, may be mailed or emailed/faxed, if credit card information is supplied. In the event two (2) or more mailed purchase agreements for the same stallion arrive the same day, the one with the earliest postmark will be accepted. In the event two (2) or more electronically transmitted purchase agreements for the same stallion arrive the same day, the one with the earliest date/time stamp will be accepted. Electronically transmitted agreements received before 5 PM (Eastern Time) will be considered first come ahead of mailed agreements received the same day (5 PM Eastern Time).

  3. Each breeding purchased is done so for a specifically designated mare, as named on the purchase agreement. The named mare shall be subject to final approval by the stallion owner/lessee. If the mare is not approved, another approved mare may be substituted, or if the breeding fee has been paid, another available nominated stallion may be selected (the breeding fee difference, if any, will be applied or refunded) or the breeding purchase price will be refunded. In the event that the purchase agreement is received without a designated mare, the purchaser must designate the mare BEFORE Dec. 31 the year the foal is conceived.

  4. Once the purchase is accepted by Payback, both stallion owner and breeding purchaser will be notified of the transaction and provided contact information. Both parties shall abide by the terms of the breeding contract provided by the stallion owner except for the stud fee, which is covered by the Payback purchase agreement.

  5. In the event of the stallion’s death or otherwise inability to fulfill his breeding obligation after the breeding has been purchased (after a minimum of three attempts), the purchaser will have the following options:
  6. a) A refund of the breeding fee. Request must be made in writing BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1ST OF THE YEAR BRED and accompanied by a veterinarian’s certificate explaining diagnosis.

    b) Apply the fee paid to another available stallion for the same year or immediate subsequent year. If there is a difference in the breeding fee, that difference shall be paid if the substituted stallion's fee is greater. If the substituted stallion's fee is lower the difference will be refunded.
  7. In the event of the mare’s death or otherwise inability to be bred or conceive (after a minimum of three attempts) , the mare owner/lessee will have the following options:
  8. a) Substitute another mare (may be subject to stallion owner approval).

    b) Refund of purchase price. Request must be made in writing BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1ST OF YEAR BRED and accompanied by a veterinarian’s certificate explaining diagnosis.
  9. Mare owner must have mare pregnancy checked at 15 and 30 days in order to validate the guarantee listed above.
General Rules
  1. All progeny of eligible stallions, whether progeny foaled from a Payback breeding purchase or progeny of any age grandfathered in, that are registered with AHA/CAHR/CPAR, may participate for Prize Money in designated Payback classes at SHNs.

  2. Payback classes offered will exclude AHA Sweepstakes classes and are dependent on the amount of money raised by the program. Classes will be expanded as more money is raised. Champions and Reserve Champions from the below tentative list of designated classes will earn prize money:
  3. Supreme SHIH
    Purebred Hunter Hack , Open
    HA/AA Hunter Hack, Open
    Purebred Training Level Dressage, Open
    HA/AA Training Level Dressage, Open
    Purebred SHUS, Open
    HA/AA SHUS, Open
  4. Breeding sales are designated for competition/sire payback, less administrative costs.

  5. Of the breeding sales money available for competition payback, ten (10) percent will fund a “Top Sire Award.” This award is presented to the owner/lessee on behalf of the top two currently enrolled stallions whose progeny earn the highest cumulative point total for all classes (except Exhibition and Equitation) at SHNs each year. Champions will receive 30 points, Reserve Champions 20 points, and Top Tens 10 points. Each of the top two stallions will receive 5% of the payback money.

  6. Payback money is awarded to the Champion and Reserve Champion in the designated SHNs classes.
  7. a) All events that have entries will pay an equal amount of money to each Champion and Reserve Champion, regardless of the number of entries.

    b) The money is divided among the winners in the Payback classes by first subtracting out the 10% for the top two Payback Sires and 5% for the Young Sporthorse Futurity. The remaining 85% is divided by the number winners and split such that champions receive the most, then reserves.

    c) If the Champion or Reserve Champion is not Payback eligible, then the Payback eligible horses in the Top Ten will be awarded money, with the Champion or Reserve Champion in that class (if any) getting a portion of Top Ten money as well.

    d) Lessees of a nominated stallion or participating progeny may receive paybacks and awards provided that a lease agreement which includes language directing such conditions is made available to the Payback administrator. In the absence of such an agreement the owner of the stallion or progeny will be the recipient.
  1. The SHN Payback reserves the right to revise these regulations and resolve disputes and discrepancies as it deems appropriate.

  2. SHN Payback Contact Information
  3. SHN PAYBACK, Inc.
    PO Box 15096
    Brooksville, FL 34604

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