Young Sport Horse Futurity

The SHN Payback Program is now providing a way for owners of foals sired by Payback stallions to earn money before they start their under saddle training, and it does not require competing outside of your local area to win.

All yearlings and two year olds, of any breed, are eligible as long as their sire is a currently enrolled SHN Payback stallion. They will earn points for every horse they beat while competing on the line in sport type classes (Hunter-Breeder, DHSB, SHIH, etc.), including one point for themselves. If five horses are in a class, first place gets 5 points, second place 4 points, etc. Championships and Reserve Championships will earn points as well.

Eligible shows include all USEF/EC/USDF approved shows, breed organization shows, as well as warmblood shows (NOT inspections). Your top five shows per year (beginning January 1st) will count for points, but not more than five. Horses must be nominated before points will count towards the award.

COST: Stallion Enrollment FREE; Young Horse Nomination Fee $100/horse per year.

Annual Enrollment Deadline: December 31
Annual Results Deadline: January 30

The horse can be entered at any time prior to December 31, but only points earned after they are enrolled will count. Show results from January 1 through December 31 of competition year must be submitted to SHN Payback by January 30 for points tabulation and payout.

The top five horses will win the nomination fees of $100 per horse plus 5% of the total revenue earned by Payback for that year. If you wish to have your your horse enrolled their yearling and two year old years, they have to be re-enrolled the second year as the money is paid out at the end of the year with no residual.

Payout goes to the top five horses as follows:

EXAMPLE: With only 10 horses enrolled and $2500 added, payouts would be:
2nd....$ 875
3rd.... $ 700
4th.... $ 525
5th.... $ 350

Read the full Payback rules and qualifying criteria.

Download the enrollment form:      You may mail a check or use a credit card via PayPal and follow-up with your mailed or faxed entry form.
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3% charge added to PayPal payments.
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Download the results form:     
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